December 05
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The small successes that were achieved in the last war were achieved thanks to the bravery of our brave commanders and their subordinate soldiers. Seyran Ohanyan, the head of the opposition "Armenia" Faction in parliament and former defense minister of Armenia, stated this Thursday during a roundtable discussion.

He noted that Armenians have always faced problems throughout their history, and that these problems were directed against them.

"[But] we [Armenians] have always come out of such situations thanks to [our] unity, the dedication of our heroic children, brave military.

No matter how much we recorded defeat, along the 283km border that was around Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)], in the 265km area we were able to maintain our line of contact thanks to the skillful tricks of our military on the ground. And where the adversary infiltrated, especially in the southern part of Artsakh, the commanders, the military, with their self-sacrifice were able to preserve the dignity of the Armenian people," he added.

Ohanyan noted, however, that now a very difficult politico-military situation is created around Armenia, the security environment is fragile, and there are many external and internal threats.

"But our capabilities to prevent them are not so great, especially since we are in a psychological situation when less than a year has passed, the wounds that the whole Armenian nation has have not healed," he stressed.

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