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Five hikers in the Canadian province of British Columbia used their turbans to save two men on their trail when the pair unexpectedly fell into a pool below a waterfall, NBC News reported.

Kuljinder Kinda and four friends were hiking in Golden Ears Provincial Park on October 11 when a group nearby told them that two men had slipped on a slick rock and fallen into a pool above the lower falls and could not pull themselves back to safety.

Kinda said the people who stopped to help asked them to call emergency services, but they didn't have cellphone service. That’s when they came up with the idea to create a rope out of their turbans, one of five articles worn by Sikhs as headdresses usually made of cotton that protects their uncut hair.

Kinda and his friends removed their turbans and other articles of clothing to securely knot the fabric together and create a 10-meter (about 33 feet) makeshift rope to safely pull the two men back onto the trail. They threw the rope down to the men and instructed them to tighten it before they pulled themselves up.

Kinda said he and his friends weren't scared for their safety.

The two men thanked Kinda and his friends before leaving. Their identities are unknown.

The hikers have been praised for their heroism and their quick response.

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