March 30
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Yerevan Basic School No. 51 after Vardges Petrosyan staged "My Fair Lady", а play based on Bernard Shaw's famous book.

This work, based on Bernard Shaw's famous play "Pygmalion" was performed by 9th graders in English, with the students showing all their performance charm and skills.

The author of the idea and the director of the play is Jemma Martirosyan, the school's English teacher, who was as excited as her students, waiting for their first stage performance ever.

It was rather difficult to undertake such a large-scale work ahead of the examination sessions, she said, but the students, fortunately, managed to combine art and education.

School principal Lusine Ghasaboghlyan is sure that "Pygmalion" has not lost its relevance even today. According to her, during the play the students not only acquired performing skills, but also learned new life lessons.

"There is no theater in the world that has not staged this play because from its creation until today it has touched and inspired audiences. It's a story about overcoming yourself, becoming a better person," she told

With English dialogues, song, dance, scene decorations, and a change of clothes after each scene, the school play was as good as a professional theater, with each of the students trying their hand at the play for the first time, no matter how unbelievable it was.

Plays are frequent at this school, and this nice tradition, according to Ms. Ghasaboghlyan, will be continuous as it gives students life skills and an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge gained in school over the years.

You can see more details from the play in our report.

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