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Azerbaijan, Turkey will demand Russian peacekeepers leave, citing a peace agreement, said Artak Zakaryan, former Deputy Defense Minister.

"In parliament today, [Armenian PM - ed.] Nikol Pashinyan continued his manipulative, populist, baseless and dangerous statements, this time trying to make amends for his mediocre, stupid policy, as a result of which our country has reached such a plight," he noted.

Touching upon the topic of the Brussels trilateral meeting, he noted that there was nothing in the statements of the meeting participants about the mission of Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh.

"And this means that at some point, Azerbaijan and Turkey, with the tacit consent of the criminal authorities of Armenia, will demand from Russia the withdrawal of peacekeepers, justifying this by the fact that there is supposedly already a peace treaty, and Azerbaijan has assumed the obligation to ensure the rights and security of residents Artsakh," he said.

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