August 11
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Ukraine on its own initiative has once again purchased a batch of weapons directly from the manufacturer in Germany.

Kiev purchased about 2,900 RGW 90 Matador portable anti-tank grenade launchers from the Dynamit Nobel Defence concern in North Rhine-Westphalia at its own expense. These weapons have already been delivered to Ukraine, the weekly newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday, citing sources in the German government.

According to the newspaper, Kiev purchased 5,100 RGW 90 Matador grenade launchers from DND back in March. This means that Ukraine has already received 8,000 units of such weapons. The fact of supply of these weapons to Ukraine implies that the deal was approved by the German government, the weekly notes. The German Economics Ministry declined to comment on the Welt am Sonntag report.

The German government also promised weapons to Ukraine, but already at the expense of the FRG. Meanwhile, of the 2,700 Arrow anti-aircraft missiles promised by Berlin, initially only 500 were delivered, and 1,500 more missiles were handed over only after Kiev's insistent requests. Ukraine also received from Germany 500 Stinger missiles, 3,000 Faustpatrons and 16 million rounds of ammunition.

This week, the German government made public a list of the weapons supplied to Ukraine. It shows that since the end of March, Germany has been supplying Kiev mainly with mines, fuses and hand grenades. The only substantial delivery of heavy weapons so far - seven anti-tank howitzers - Ukraine received only recently, although howitzers were promised back in early May.

The first 15 Gepard self-propelled air defense systems, which were promised to Kiev back in early April, are not due to be delivered until late July, and the rest are to be delivered by the end of August. In early June, it was also reported that Germany was ready to deliver four Mars II MLRSs to Kiev, but last week the German Defense Ministry said it could deliver only three such systems, according to Deutsche Welle.

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