October 06
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If Azerbaijan has an alternative road to Nakhchivan through Iran, then it makes no sense to speak of a so-called Zangezur corridor, but Azerbaijan's foreign minister uses primitive statements to try to put pressure on Armenia and chew out the much-coveted corridor, Vardan Voskanyan, an Iranian journalist, told

Voskanyan noted that after the collapse of the USSR, Azerbaijan was linked to Nakhchivan through Iran, too. Voskanyan explained that now, there is only one change in comparison with the previous route: now it runs through the territory of Karabakh, occupied as a result of the 44-day war, and the Iranian segment of the road was reduced by 100 kilometers. "Does the minister of the barbarian state wish benefits to Armenia? Of course not. If he is worried, then everything goes as it should," the expert added.

Vardan Voskanyan noted that Iran, on the other hand, perceives the existing road from Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan through its territory as an additional lever of influence on Azerbaijan and its autonomy. "Tehran thus tries to weaken the Turkish-Azerbaijani pressure on Armenia in the issue of the so-called Zangezur corridor. It is clear that Bayramov cannot talk about a corridor through the territory of Iran," Voskanyan said.

No corridor through the territory of Armenia beyond Yerevan's sovereign control, he believes, can exist either. "It should be clearly announced that Turkey and Azerbaijan will not get any corridor through the territory of Armenia, as it will have disastrous consequences for Armenia. In fact, it is proposed to open a Turanian corridor, as the Turks originally called it, but renamed it given the sensitivity to this term in Armenia, Iran and Russia. As for Armenia, it doesn't even have a government. How can we call the body that devastates Berdzor a government?" concluded the expert.

Yesterday, Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov stated that Azerbaijan has an alternative to link Nakhchivan via Iran, bypassing Armenia via Araks River. He warned Yerevan against "the biggest damage" in case of failure to make the right decision.

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