December 07
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Armenia must reevaluate its security architecture, very soberly assess that states can influence Azerbaijan and Turkey; those levers of influence by Russia and the CSTO have significantly decreased. Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, who also heads the opposition "Armenia" bloc, told about this to a press conference Wednesday—and referring to the regional situation and the possibilities of restraining Turkey and Azerbaijan.

According to the second president, the CSTO has no possibility of influencing Turkey and Azerbaijan at all.

"I told you my opinion about this at this very platform, even before the recent events. All the CSTO countries have much better relations with Azerbaijan than Armenia, and to think that the CSTO can take steps [against Azerbaijan] is geopolitical insanity," remarked Kocharyan.

Nevertheless, according to the conviction of the second president of Armenia, the latter’s leaving the CSTO would be another stupidity.

"There are agreements within the framework of the CSTO, which are very important for the purchase of weapons and ammunition. We need to take some decisive steps, realizing that yes, we need to convince Russia to equip our security system with new components. I am convinced that it is possible to explain this to the Russian side, perhaps to form a new trilateral format, as the interests coincide, and Russia warms its relations with Iran sufficiently. I am convinced also that this can be explained to the United States as well. Will they like it? No. Do they offer an alternative? We don't offer. This is the situation when one should be more courageous inside, but also in relations with the outside," Kocharyan stated.

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