December 04
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Second President Robert Kocharyan cannot figure out the ratio of losses Armenia had, and the country should not have had such a ratio if the soldiers were protected. Kocharyan told about this to a press conference Wednesday—and referring to the recent military attack of Azerbaijan on the borders of Armenia and the loss of human life suffered by the Armenian side as a result.

"It’s not comprehensible to me why a major line of defense was not built on the borders of Armenia in two years, only two or three bases were properly furnished for recording and showing, the rest are in a poor condition. They say we have money. But why didn't we build a line of defense that would be a major deterrent for the adversary? There is no line of defense that cannot be broken, but the line of defense is for inflicting heavy losses on the enemy, giving few losses, and gaining time for the reserves to be brought.

For me, having more than 2-3 times greater losses in defense means one thing: we have not learned any lessons after the 44-day war. Why don't we have combat drones after two years? We have announced that we have money. Do not believe that it is not possible to buy weapons. We were buying weapons from Russia, Europe, China, and other places; this is not a problem. Azerbaijan started the war not because it has become too strong, but knowing full well that we have become too weak. This was the main reason for starting the war," said Kocharyan.

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