December 11
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The European Court ruled on the basis of the 39th provision of the Court's Rules of Court to oblige Azerbaijan to take all necessary and sufficient measures to ensure the movement of seriously ill persons in need of medical assistance in Armenia through the Lachin corridor, as well as the safe movement of persons left homeless or in need of means of subsistence, the Facebook page of Armenia's representative for international legal affairs reported.

On December 21 this year, the European Court examined the request of the Armenian government to apply interim measures against Azerbaijan.

Noting that at the moment it is disputable whether Azerbaijan has control over the Lachin corridor, and taking into account the commitments undertaken by Azerbaijan in accordance with paragraph 6 of the trilateral statement of November 9, 2020 that the Republic of Azerbaijan guarantees the safety of movement of citizens, vehicles and goods in both directions along the Lachin corridor, recalling the commitments undertaken by Azerbaijan under the European Convention, the European Court, under the 39th provision of the Rules of Court, ruled on the request of Azerbaijan.

At the same time, the European Court decided to give priority to complaint No. 4 filed by Armenia, in accordance with regulation 41 of the Rules of Court.

On December 15, 16, 20 and 21, Armenia submitted to the European Court a request for an interim measure against Azerbaijan and additional information to eliminate violations of the rights of civilians caused by the blocking of the road through the Lachin corridor.

Thus, the ECHR did not believe Azerbaijan's assurances that travel through the corridor was possible, and obliged as an interim measure to ensure the passage of several groups of people.

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