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During the excavation of a 1,700-year-old mound in the city of Nara, archaeologists discovered the longest iron sword ever found in Japan, Miami Herald reported.

The site, known as the Tomio Maruyama Mound, is the largest circular mound.

According to officials, the structure is asymmetrical, partially collapsed on one side, and consists of three tiers. While excavating the upper part of the mound, archaeologists discovered a burial pit dug into the side of the mound.

Inside the tomb, researchers found a wooden coffin made of Japanese pine.

Nearby, archaeologists unearthed another metal object: an iron sword more than 2.7 meters long. 

According to city officials, the weapon is the longest iron sword and the oldest sword with a curved blade ever found in Japan.

Archaeologists believe that part of the mound was used as a ritual room. Remains of clay drainage structures indicated that the ritual space may have been fed from a spring.

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