March 25
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A group of Italian mathematicians from the University of Calabria has managed to give the chaos theory a physical form with the help of special jewelry. They are based on true equations and mathematical principles that describe supercomplex systems. Some of the figures were so complicated that neither 3D-printers nor professional jewelers were able to cope with their production, Techkult reported.

Chaos theory originated in the 1960s, while working on a mathematical model of the weather, which consisted of a set of differential equations to describe different factors - the wind changes, pressure, temperature, etc. The model turned out to be overly successful, it was extremely sensitive to changes in the input data and produced completely different results, like real capricious weather. Because of this, scientists have not learned how to predict the weather using mathematics - but they have proved that it is impossible to predict it for more than a week.

Among other systems whose work can be described by chaos theory are stock markets, the behavior of people in crowds, and the course of a number of diseases. In 1983, Leon O. Chua created an electronic circuit to generate an oscillating signal that never repeats. This made it possible to visualize chaos theory for the first time.

Italian scientists used Chua's work specifically to create shapes for jewelry that look completely different when the angle of view changes. Each one is unique, many have never been observed before and all are chaotically beautiful. Scientists combined the individual pieces and obtained necklaces and bracelets.

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