June 02
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The next development related to the Lachin corridor is related to the route change. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this at Thursday’s Cabinet meeting of the government of the Republic of Armenia (RA).

"As you know, as a result of the agreement reached between the authorities of Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh in August 2022, the route of the Lachin corridor was changed with the launch of a new road. But since the road connecting the Lachin corridor to Armenia was not fully ready, a temporary route was launched that entered the RA territory through the Kornidzor bridge, then again to the territory of Azerbaijan, then again to the RA territory.

"According to the arrangement made, that route should have operated until April 1, 2023. Yesterday, we informed the Azerbaijani side that, according to the arrangement, after the Kornidzor bridge, the road will continue only through the RA territory and that the RA border guard troops will take on the protection of the RA state border in that area. Let me emphasize that the border guard troops will be deployed at the same positions of the RA state border where the MOD [(Ministry of Defense)] units were stationed until now," said the Armenian PM.

He noted that a few minutes ago, information appeared in the Azerbaijani news, which tried to present the incident as another "blockbuster."

"This approach is not constructive. I repeat: as a result of all this, no change in the Armenian [military] positions has taken place, with the difference that we intend to protect the area in question, unlike before, to carry out by means of border guard troops. That is, the change that is taking place is as follows: the MOD units will come out from the same positions along the RA state border, and the border guard troops will be deployed in their place. We have proposed to Azerbaijan that the same should happen on their side. I hope that the process will take place without provocations," said the Armenian premier.

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