September 28
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Pashinyan's statement about handing over Artsakh was not unexpected, at least for us. Opposition MP Ishkhan Saghatelyan told this to reporters Tuesday, commenting on Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan's statement Monday about the recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan—along with Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

"Pashinyan has in fact already publicized the roadmap and schedule for the handover of Artsakh. It seems to me that on May 25 they will come up with a new tripartite statement in Moscow, then it will continue in Chisinau, then in Brussels he will attempt to agree on new terms of capitulation. The meeting in October has already been announced. They will attempt to prepare and then ratify the capitulation agreement. That is, essentially, the Armenian people, all political forces, and citizens concerned about what happened have five months to prevent the process of handing over the country," Saghatelyan said.

To the question of what the Armenian opposition is going to do, as just making statements is not enough, Saghatelyan responded that no one was going to limit themselves to statements.

"We are not going to reconcile with this situation, we will fight until our last breath. And all statements that the opposition has left the struggle, I assure that’s not so. What we did in those days, last year, delayed the process. If we didn't do that, the process would have already ended. Now our task is to form a popular resistance in Armenia, Artsakh and the [Armenian] diaspora with new forces, prepare the society for large-scale actions of civil disobedience and fight; this is the main task of the opposition," the latter’s lawmaker said.

"(...) Nikol Pashinyan has no right and people’s mandate to hand over Artsakh and Armenia. It is obvious that it is not only about Artsakh. Armenia's statehood is being seriously questioned. All Armenian citizens, who were doubting, believing until now, should put their doubts aside after yesterday's announcement," Saghatelyan emphasized.

"Any action against these authorities is legitimate because they are not legitimate. Be it disobedience or rebellion. The authorities leave us no alternative. Either surrender or fight. And in the fight for the homeland, all measures are justified," said the opposition MP.

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