October 03
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan believes that no problems related to roads will arise with the handover of Tigranashen village—located in Ararat Province of Armenia—to Azerbaijan. He expressed confidence about this during his meeting Thursday with the Armenian community of Molodova, answering the question whether the road from Armenia’s Yeraskh village to Kapan city will be cut if a part of this road ends up in the territory of Azerbaijan with the handover of Tigranashen and whether the maps of 1975 envisage the handover of Tigranashen.

"We proceed from the assumption at the political level that ‘Kyarki’ [(Tigranashen)] was there, we must also look at the legal grounds. If it turns out politically that it is Azerbaijan’s, we have no problem. And it is not yet a fact that Azerbaijan wants to return Artsvashen [village], take Kyarki. Even if it is so, I want us not to overestimate the value of that issue because there is no enclave that would cause such a road problem for us that is unsolvable; there is no such issue. If that road cannot pass like this, it can pass like this, there is no problem. In fact, we have developed our road network so much that there is no such problem," he said.

Pashinyan emphasized that the issue of enclaves was made in such a way that they put psychological pressure on the public.

"We will go, look, it turned out its Azerbaijan’s, de jure with that map, there is no problem at the political level. We say that we accept the enclaves, they also accept Artsvashen. Well, the road will not go like this, it will go like this. I am not even saying that if Azerbaijan wants for itself, we will take Artsvashen. We should not allow psychological pressure to be exerted on us on this issue," added the Armenian PM.

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