April 18
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In order to maintain its imaginary hegemony, the US is recklessly expanding its military infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region, said Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, TASS reports.

"It should be noted that the US continues to provoke tension and instability in the Asia-Pacific region in order to maintain its imaginary hegemony," Patrushev said in Magadan, Russia, at a meeting dedicated to the security of the Russian Far East.

According to him, Washington is "expanding the military infrastructure, bringing it closer to the borders of Russia and China."

The secretary of the Russian Security Council recalled that the US has created the AUKUS military alliance—comprising the US, England, and Australia—, and is also discussing the possibility of supplying weapons to Taiwan and creating a new alliance of "Pacific Four": US, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines.

As Kyodo reported earlier, Australia, the United States, and Japan will conduct joint naval exercises in the South China Sea on Wednesday, and they will send large warships to the Philippines.

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