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The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) held a press conference Monday morning to sum up the preliminary results of Sunday’s elections for the Yerevan Council of Elders.

CEC chairman Vahagn Hovakimyan noted that the voter turnout was 234,436 (28.44 percent). According to him, this is the adjusted number, which is slightly different from the number issued Sunday at 9pm.

Then the CEC chairman presented the preliminary voting results, which are as follows:

The Public Voice Party received 22,431 votes or 9.68%

Civil Contract Party: 75,463 votes or 32.57%

Fair Armenia Party: 2,595 votes or 1.12%

Victory Party: 3,959 votes or 1.71%

Strength of Native Land Party: 1,706 votes or 0.74%

European Party of Armenia: 2,572 votes or 1.11%

National Progress Party: 43,765 votes or 18.89%

Party for Social Justice: 780 votes or 0.34%

Republic Party: 26,236 votes or 11.32%

United Armenia Party: 1,282 votes or 0.55%

Bright Armenia Party: 4,174 votes or 1.8%

Democratic Consolidation Party: 2,348 votes or 1.01%

Country to Live Party: 8,425 votes or 3.64%

Mother Armenia alliance: 35,739 votes or 15.43%

Also, Hovakimyan recalled that the threshold to win seats in the Yerevan Council of Elders is 4 percent for political parties, and 6 percent for alliances.

According to preliminary data, 65 seats of the Yerevan Council of Elders shall be distributed as follows:

Civil Contract Party - 24 seats

National Progress Party - 14 seats

Mother Armenia alliance - 12 seats

Republic Party - 8 seats

Public Voice Party - 7 seats

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