February 29
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Azerbaijan likes to say that it is a multicultural country, but it persistently erases everything Armenian, starting with the ethnic cleansing of Armenians, ending with the eradication of Armenian churches and buildings. Alen Simonyan, speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, told this to reporters at the NA Tuesday.

"There were other places where they [i.e. Azerbaijanis] tried to erase the Armenian historical presence, but then they realized that it only harms the country's reputation. You cannot edit world history in a day, there are general historical principles that are the same for everyone. Saying ‘sugar’ will not sweeten your mouth. I consider the [Azerbaijani] attempts to erase the Armenian trace, Armenian history from the Armenian highlands unacceptable," said Simonyan.

He called to sit down and discuss the future instead of talking about 30 years of occupations, and bringing various historical maps to the Armenian side.

"It's enough, we need to pause, we need to talk about the future. Let them use their efforts to build the future and bring peace to the region. This cannot last forever," stressed the speaker of the Armenian parliament.

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