April 18
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Many people directly say that these changes in the Constitution are related to pressure from Azerbaijan. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia on February 1.

"Any government should understand on the basis of what concept it will ensure the security of the country? It is necessary to outline the problems and points that cause an external threat to security.

We know that we exist in an aggressive environment. Our task is to understand why our environment is aggressive towards us.

I will give a very crude example. Imagine we are walking along the same road, we need to go from point A to point B. We are walking and we see that there are bulls on both sides of the road. And we are dressed in all red. And these red clothes were made for me by my grandmother, who is no longer alive. It's a talisman for me. But we have to go this way. That's where we have to discuss and decide together.

This discussion will determine whether we go down this path or not. Do we change this red garment, do we discard it, put it aside, accept it as a part of our past and dress according to the environment in which we are going to act?

In the red clothing option, I can 100% guarantee that we will not go through that road. In the cross-dressing option, I cannot 100% guarantee that we will pass this road. But if there is a way to pass, it is the second option," Pashinyan noted.

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