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The authorities of Armenia have spoken about the readiness to open regional communications on the basis of the principle of sovereignty and jurisdiction within the framework of equality and reciprocity. Azerbaijan, in fact, did not refuse such an approach. Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), stated this at Wednesday’s press briefing.

"This topic was previously discussed in detail in the format of a tripartite working group, which was co-chaired by the deputy prime ministers of the Russian Federation, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Sadly, this work has now stopped due to the position of our Armenian colleagues. As for the point of the announcement which refers to the monitoring of the border guard service of the FSB [(Federal Security Service)] of the Russian Federation on the Meghri route, then it is logical both from the optimal organization of traffic and from the economic point of view. Russian border guards are already stationed in the south of Syunik Province [of Armenia]; they protect the border of Armenia and Iran," said Zakharova.

Also, she stated that the Crossroads of Peace project proposed by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is not an alternative to Meghri or another route.

"As for non-regional players, their reluctance to help unblock communications in the South Caucasus is explained solely by considerations of the political situation. They are not interested in increasing the interdependence of Armenia and Azerbaijan with each other, with their neighbors. They strive to tear the region into pieces, to present their interests there, without thinking about others. Well, and thus to deepen the disagreements between the countries," said the official representative of the Russian MFA.

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