April 14
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We did not look realistically at the situation we were living in after the end of the [19]90s. President of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan stated this while reflecting on the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) at his meeting with representatives of the Armenian community and organizations in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

"We [i.e. Armenians] failed to realize the potential we had, as a result of which we would have had the opportunity to have what we dreamed of. We lost that opportunity. I never give an assessment. We are all guilty, especially us citizens living in Armenia and especially the politicians living in Armenia, of which I am one of the representatives.

We could not realistically assess the situation in which we live, and based on that situation, try to find a solution with our neighbors that should have been dignified for both Artsakh and our compatriots living in Artsakh. We have always given assessments based on our own interests; we wanted it that way, we didn't want to deal with the interests of the other side. But it doesn't happen that way; it's like a two-way street," said the president of Armenia.

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