May 25
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Swedish MP Erik Hellsborn calls on the world to continue to follow the developments in the South Caucasus and, while supporting Armenia, to be sure that no one will tolerate and allow Azerbaijan to aggravate the situation in the region. He wrote on his Facebook page.

“Over the weekend, Azerbaijani military fired again across the border at Armenian positions several times. A behavior wich appears as a mixture of a bully's need to demonstrate his power, and a strategy to provoke a reaction wich can then be used as an excuse for more violence. 

As reprehensible as this may be, right now, I'm mostly relieved that it hasn't gotten even worse. When I discussed the developments with a couple of my fellow MPs on Tuesday, I told them that I feared Azerbaijan would cross borders within three days. This has not happened ...yet. 

The outside world needs to keep its eyes on Southern Caucasus, support Armenia, and make it clear that an escalation from the Azerbaijani side will not be tolerated. One cannot expect the tyrant Aliyev to refrain from anything out of the kindness of his heart,՛՛  Helsborn wrote, adding that dictator Aliyev cannot be expected to refrain from doing anything out of spiritual nobility.

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