May 23
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I always ask myself what the opposition members are wrong about and why the prime minister of Armenia does not agree with them. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this during his final remarks regarding the debates on the results of the implementation of the 2023 program of the government in the National Assembly Thursday.

"In this context, the discussion of these two days focused on the debate between the concepts of historical Armenia and real Armenia. I want to thank the MP who quoted my words in the preface to the NSS [i.e. National Security Service] strategy, which is printed as a preface, where I say: when we examine our security, we must examine the matter of our national identity," Pashinyan said, in particular.

According to the Armenian premier, it is also necessary to record the strategic impossibility of returning to the logic of historical Armenia, and that this is where the real debate unfolds.

"You say we are renouncing our values. The greatest of our values is our language. And if someone asks me what is the reason why I continue to be the prime minister of Armenia after the things you mentioned, I will say, in my opinion, because I possess one of our most important national values: the Armenian language—and not only the letter, but the soul, the spirit, the emotion with which I sense the emotions of the citizens of Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

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