May 29
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Scientists have discovered a huge ocean in the Earth's crust. It is located several hundred kilometers below the surface of our planet. Experts assure that this amazing discovery will change modern scientific ideas about the origin of water bodies on Earth, reports Planet Today.

The results of this work provide an opportunity to revise ideas about one of the most fundamental processes. Scientists put forward a new version of the “Blue Planet's” water cycle. In the past, the prevailing theory said that the water basins of the Earth were formed as a result of the collision of a certain celestial body with the planet.

However, scientists now believe that the oceans rose to the surface from the Earth's core. This option, according to experts at Northwestern University, helps to understand why the parameters of the Earth’s oceans remain almost unchanged for millions of years.

Experts have been looking for the missing deep-water zone for a long time. The mission was successfully completed using 2,000 seismographs located across the United States. This is how the aforesaid underground ocean of fantastic dimensions was discovered at a depth of 700 kilometers. Its dimensions were calculated by calculating the seismic waves of many earthquakes. They slow down as they pass through the moist layers of the planet.

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