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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has arrived in Voskepar village of Tavush Province again. And strict security measures are being implemented in this regard.

The Voskepar residents have assembled outside their culture building.

It is not yet known in what format the meeting with the PM will take place. One of the villagers stated that if they were to be selectively allowed to participate in the meeting, no one would enter the aforementioned building.

When Pashinyan had first visited Voskepar on March 18, he had promised the local residents that he would return in ten days, but he came back a month later.

As reported earlier, Nikol Pashinyan’s previous meeting with the Voskepar residents did not go smoothly. The topic of that meeting was handing over the four villages in Tavush to Azerbaijan, to which the people of Voskepar expressed their opposition.

Pashinyan had told the villagers that the aforesaid villages must be handed over to Azerbaijan, otherwise a war will start again.

It is about the Baghanis-Ayrum, Ashaghi Askipara, Kheyrimli, and Ghizilhajili villages.

And in his last press conference, Nikol Pashinyan had stated that these four villages are not part of Armenia.

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