July 24
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On June 11, at 4:30pm, the opposition factions of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia will launch a special session of parliament, with the agenda of resignation the government and forming a new parliament. Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leader of the opposition movement, announced this at Republic Square, the heart of Armenian capital Yerevan Sunday.

Also, he presented the sequence of three steps to the participants of the rally at Republic Square.

"We understand that we cannot solve the problem by relying on the last moral signs of these people [i.e. the Armenian authorities]. We have to make a decision at this moment; we can solve the problem if only four days, 96 hours starting from tomorrow, without a break, without going to work, without rest, without sleeping long, being on the street, and imposing our will.

We proposed this person [i.e. PM Nikol Pashinyan] to resign, to meet, discuss, to discuss the conditions of leaving [power] without a shock, which were ignored.

Standing here in front of you, I appeal to all NA factions, at our request NA opposition MPs, the factions are launching a [special] session of parliament on June 11 at 16:30, with the agenda of resignation of the government and forming a new government," said Archbishop Galstanyan.

According to him, on June 10, the NA Council, by the decision of the people, is obligated to adopt a decision on calling a special session of parliament, and the political majority and its MPs are obligated to obey the will of the people, and act with personal conscience and conviction.

Also, Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan presented the third step: "On the basis of the popular demand, the parliament, in its extraordinary session, approves the resignation of the current government and the decision to form a new government."

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