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They are working with “passes;” the goal is to create a new government in Armenia, and it is not a secret for anyone. Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, Alen Simonyan, told this to reporters in the NA Monday—and referring to the view that the Armenian opposition has the support of Russia.

"It doesn't mean that in a direct call they say, 'You have to do this today.' They create a narrative that goes forward with bloggers, slogans," added Simonyan.

As for the fact that the opposition accuses the current Armenian authorities of being supported by Turkey and Azerbaijan, Simonyan said: "If they say such a thing, then why are we constantly being hit by that same side? That is, if you work with someone, why do they hit you? The Turkish side was saying ‘we will [re]open the border [with Armenia] after the Karabakh issue is resolved. But today this process has at least slowed down a lot. Which steps show that we enjoy their support? They are hitting from all sides. Today, all the [Armenian] elites, the oligarchy, the Church, the ARF [party], have come out against us. The only one who supports us is the people of Armenia. You also know that we have the support of the people."

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