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YEREVAN. – The European Union (EU) is going to create a high-level advisory council adjunct to the government of the Republic of Armenia (RA), and it will comprise leading European specialists, according to Hraparak (Square) newspaper.

‘“Apparently, the EU is concerned that if it continues this way, the RA authorities will record a fiasco in the matter of implementing the EU-Armenia agreement on time because they have a lack of competence, and the whole work will flop in terms of the course of reforms, provided arrangements, assumed obligations,’ our government source said.

“Or perhaps the [Armenian] authorities are intentionally slowing down that process because they have worries from Russia in connection with many issues. ‘I don’t rule out; there is that, too. Nonetheless, I believe the [Armenian] government will definitely give a final agreement, and the council will function. (…). The benchmark of this council is very high,’ our source said,” Hraparak wrote.

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