October 19
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YEREVAN. – 168 Zham daily of Armenia writes: How boisterous the news was about budget airlines entering the Armenian market, most probably, the collapse—because of them—of the Armenian [civil aviation] market will be just as boisterous. The first swallow seems to be already known.

According to’s information, Tarom airline has suspended ticket sales [for Armenia], which is probably due to the unlevel playing field created; continue to pay an air tax of AMD 10,000—by providing services on incomparably good terms, which will not work in the case of Ryanair and Wizz Air.

The next step in stopping the tickets’ sales will, of course, be leaving the market, and unfortunately, Tarom will probably not be the only airline to leave the Armenian aviation market; t also refers to Air France, Aegean, Austrian Airlines.

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