May 27
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YEREVAN. – Iravunk daily of Armenia writes: I see three messages in the document called "Shushi Agreement," said turkologist, Academician of the NSS [National Academy of Sciences] Ruben Safrastyan, in a conversation with Iravunk, referring to the agreement signed between [Azerbaijani and Turkish presidents] Aliyev and Erdogan in [now Azerbaijan-occupied] Shushi [city of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)], opening the brackets.

- First, it was a message addresses to the Armenian people, and with that they show that, "Look, we have won [the Artsakh war last fall], and we will continue our aggression, pressure on you."

The second message is addressed to the region. The Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem, as a geopolitical unit, shows that a new phase is beginning in the South Caucasus; that is the phase of Turkey’s domination. It is not accidental that an announcement was made that the history of the South Caucasus should be written, composes again. By force, Turkey is showing that it is starting a new chapter in its expansionist policy in the region. But let us not forget that the strengthening of Turkey's influence is possible on the account of the weakening of Russia's influence.

Finally, I believe that this declaration also has a pan-Turkic message in it. Turkey is showing the world that, "You see, by cooperating with Azerbaijan, we managed to achieve such an important victory." As for Shushi, they declare that it shall be one of the centers of Turkish culture.

Mr. Safrastyan, one more question—about Armenian prisoners of war. What do you think? By intervening in the return of prisoners of war, is the US trying to increase its role in this issue, and in the region in general? How does Turkey react to that?

Unlike Trump, Biden is trying to become active in the South Caucasus, including in the Artsakh issue. It is no coincidence that the US is in favor of intensifying the mediation role of the [OSCE] Minsk Group Co-Chairs.

We can state that the US is becoming active in our region, Turkey is taking advantage of it and making its proposal to the US that it is within the American politics—as an auxiliary.

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