July 25
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Past daily of Armenia writes: While at the highest level in Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] there are insinuations about the possibility of the presence of some forces or individuals who consider the proposal of [Artsakh’s] integration into Azerbaijan acceptable, in the last two months intensive propaganda is being carried out in Azerbaijan regarding the so-called "reintegration" of Artsakh. The Azerbaijani propaganda machine is trying to circulate theories of "reintegration" and coexistence on the public platform and discourse through various "experts."

It is clear that all these "experts" are sazandars of the [Azerbaijani] authorities, although in dictatorial Azerbaijan it is difficult to imagine someone who has a real independent or, even more, an oppositional view. In particular, as a result of our study, we found out that [these] Azerbaijani "experts" try to present everything as a matter regulated exclusively in the domain of Azerbaijan, specifying their "ways and roads." It is noted that the initial dialogue with the Armenians of Artsakh should be started within the framework of representatives of the NGO sector and civil society, emphasize that Artsakh is dominated by theories from the non-government sphere of Armenia and the [Armenian] diaspora, which, according to them, allegedly "affect the real opinion of the people of Artsakh and constrain them."

It is noteworthy that, in their propaganda claims pushed forward, the Azerbaijani circles emphasize that the anti-Azerbaijani statements coming from Armenia should not be taken seriously (it is about the positions of the opposition), as "they have nothing in common with the opinion of [Armenian PM] Pashinyan's administration." By the way, it is specially noted that it is mainly these opinions that harm the "reintegration" of Artsakh and the so-called "peace" process.

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