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YEREVAN. – Some of Armenia’s television company elite are extremely concerned over the fact that President Serzh Sargsyan responded to the open letter which he had received from the intellectuals and youth organizations, and with respect to a need for cleaning the country’s TV content, and he gave relevant and precise instructions to the Public Council, Iravunk daily writes, referring to its reliable source who is close to the internal happenings in the country’s television domain.               

“These television sharks are worried that if the broadcast is cleaned of the content that degrades the people, they will lose large shadow finance flows, and, according to our source, now, they are attempting to hold incognito meetings with the Public Council members, wishing to materially interest whomever possible, so that the President’s instruction is not carried out. 

In addition, they have begun to recruit artists with a neutral reputation, so they may speak out against the initiative to clean the broadcast, presenting that initiative as an insidious alternative, dictated by the authorities, whose real objective is allegedly to set out strict TV broadcast censorship in the lead-up to the [2013] presidential elections,” Iravunk writes.

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