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Armenia’s PM bids farewell to Iran’s outgoing ambassador

Armenia’s PM bids farewell to Iran’s outgoing ambassadorApril 25, 2012 | 15:01

YEREVAN. – Armenian PM Tigran Sargsyan received Iranian Ambassador Seyed Ali Saghaian, who is ending his diplomatic mission in Armenia.  

“I evaluate as very productive our cooperation throughout these years. Numerous projects are being implemented and designed with our friend, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and your personal contribution to them is likewise considerable,” Sargsyan said.  

In his turn, Seyed Ali Saghaian noted that the strategic Iranian-Armenian relations stem from the political will of the leaders of both countries, and this has also contributed to the consolidation of regional stability and peace, the Government Press Service informs.  

Expressing a satisfaction by the growing bilateral trade and economic ties, it was recorded that trade turnover between the two countries reached from US$ 180 million to $323 million in 2007-2011.     

“We must see to it that all of our outlined plans are implemented,” the Ambassador said.    

Also, he informed Armenia’s PM that the latter’s Iranian counterpart is scheduled to visit the capital Yerevan this year, and this, too, will stimulate the carrying out of joint Armenian-Iranian programs. 

Tigran Sargsyan wished the Iranian ambassador success in his future activities.

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