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Azerbaijani will continue provocations

Azerbaijani will continue provocations April 27, 2012 | 01:04

YEREVAN. – As long as Azerbaijan is sure of its victory, it will continue provocations instead of launching real military actions, Arabo group commander, Karabakh war participant Manvel Yeghiazaryan told Armenian News-NEWS.am commenting on Wednesday’s shots by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces towards the Armenian village Dovegh.

Armenians generally, and politicians in particularly, should show solidarity in response to such hostile actions.

“If Azerbaijan was sure in its victory, it would have launched military actions long ago, taking revenge. However, it would never see victory, I assure,” Yeghiazaryan said.

To note, Dovegh village in Armenian Tavush region has been attacked on Wednesday by Azerbaijani military units.

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