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DIY Rock Pub attacked again in Armenia

DIY Rock Pub attacked again in ArmeniaMay 15, 2012 | 23:13

YEREVAN. – DIY Rock Pub which is located in downtown Yerevan was again attacked. This time a group of young men arrived at the pub at around 6 p.m., burned a pub’s poster with ‘No to fascism’ words and drew swastikas, the owner of DIY Tsomak Oganezova told Armenian

“It comes out that they are of different age groups and the chain leads to one address. They are not together, different groups are working which have the same ideology, for sure it is a fascist group,” she said.

When asked to comment whether the attacks have anything to do with Armenian Revolutionary Federation she said that she cannot say anything as she is not sure.

Earlier Armenian reported that at a press conference on Tuesday the owner of Yerevan’s DIY Pub Armine (Tsomak) Oganezova announced that two of the attackers were released on bail which was paid by ARF Dashnaktsutyun MP. She stated that the fight against her pub is supported by ARF.

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