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Armenia’s state agencies spend meaningless amounts on photocopies

14:01, 18.05.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Innovations

YEREVAN. – Armenia’s state agencies acquire outdated items without considering the market trends and by way of state purchase, Union of Information Technology Enterprises analyst Armine Shahbazyan stated during a seminar convened on Friday. 

In his turn, Copy Service Company Director Makar Baghdasaryan noted that the preference is given to the Hewlett-Packard and Canon companies, when acquiring photocopy machines for the state agencies, in the case when there are other brands in Armenia whose offers are more favorable. As a result, the service fee charged for photocopying one page in a state agency is AMD 30-40 (approx. US$ 0.08-0.10), whereas this is AMD 5 (approx. $0.01) in the market.

And Task Company Director Aksel Tevosyan stated that the Project Implementation Offices, which function under the state agencies, sometimes change the tender terms so that their desired company is declared the winner.

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