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Armenian opposition not to stop ‘street struggle’

Armenian opposition not to stop ‘street struggle’June 12, 2012 | 02:20

YEREVAN. – Even though opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) entered parliament, the bloc will not stop the ‘street struggle’ and the rally planned for June 26 proves that, deputy director of the Caucasus Institute Sergey Minasyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

According to the expert, after the parliamentary elections a unique situation was created in Armenia when all the main political forces entered parliament.

“It is also a unique situation for Armenian National Congress. First of all, during all the time of its existence ANC was coming up as an opposition bloc fighting through ‘street struggle’. On the other hand, the bloc has its members in parliament who can present the opposition forces,” the expert said.

According to Minasyan, ANC is not going to stop its activity on the street as it is their main resource.

Earlier Armenian News-NEWS.am reported that ANC is going to hold another rally on June 26.

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