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New Government’s composition will be known by end of week – Armenian Premier

 New Government’s composition will be known by end of week – Armenian PremierJune 12, 2012 | 11:50

YEREVAN. – We respect the political opposition’s assessment, but we cannot be guided by its viewpoints, Armenia’s PM Tigran Sargsyan told news reporters during a briefing.       

“We are focusing on the carried out work, which creates a serious basis for taking our country forward,” said Sargsyan.  

In his words, the whole matter refers to who wishes to see what. According to him, the key work that was carried out was that Armenia was governed without any problems during the very difficult critical conditions.      

“Solely a desire is needed to notice this. Many things depend on who assesses how and for what purpose,” stressed the PM. 

Also, Sargsyan noted that the majority trusts them and they form a government based on this trust. 

“The stronger our constructive opposition is, the Government, the authorities and the state are stronger that much more,” noted the Premier.

Tigran Sargsyan also noted that the new Government’s makeup will be known by the end of the week.

“There will not be substantial personnel changes and the main team will be maintained. [But] Those positions, which our colleagues have relinquished, will be changed,” stressed Sargsyan.

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