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Armenian medical physician’s death is result of fear – Ombudsman

Armenian medical physician’s death is result of fear – OmbudsmanJuly 02, 2012 | 12:22

YEREVAN. – “I do not think it is appropriate for us to speak about anything else. Let us pay tribute to Vahe Avetyan’s memory with a minute of silence,” Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan said Monday at the beginning of his press conference.

“The Ombudsman issues a statement when whether it is disputable. But now, we naturally condemn [the incident] and are sorry. 

I must inform with regret that the Defender cannot intervene in this and other criminal incidents. I regret to say, but it is the law. 

I envy the political forces, citizenry, who can express their views,” said Andreasyan and added:

“All this is a result of fear. Fear that the police will beat you. Fear that you will be taken to court. Fear that you will lose your pension.  

[Instead] The authorities must fear of losing it, the muscular young man who kills someone by beating him [must fear].  

The balance of fear is disturbed among us. And this fear is unconquerable unless serious judiciary reforms are carried out,” stressed Armenia’s Human Rights Defender.  

As Armenian informed earlier, an incident occurred at capital city Yerevan’s Harsnaqar Restaurant on June 17, where several military doctors including Edgar Mikoyan, Arkadi Aghajanyan, Garik Soghomonyan, Artak Bayadyan and Vahe Avetyan were brutally beaten by the restaurant employees.

And Vahe Avetyan died in hospital on June 29.

A criminal case is launched, and the Police have detained six people.

The Restaurant’s owner is senior ruling party MP, head of the Armenian Football Federation, and businessman Ruben Hayrapetyan.

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