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More residents of Armenia spend vacations in Armenia, NKR – official

More residents of Armenia spend vacations in Armenia, NKR – officialJuly 04, 2012 | 16:00

YEREVAN. – Domestic tourism in Armenia is annually growing by 20 percent, Economy Ministry’s Tourism and Economic Development Department Chief Mekhak Apresyan stated during a press conference on Wednesday.  

“More citizens of Armenia have begun spending their rest in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh [Republic (NKR)],” he said, and added that the social package likewise will become an incentive for domestic tourism.  

To note, in line with this social package, which was introduced in Armenia past December, the public servants are allocated a special amount to spend their vacations. But with these amounts, the public servants can spend their recreation time solely in Armenia and NKR.  

This package also includes mandatory medical insurance and several other points.

“The key objective of the package is to raise the public servant’s work productivity,” said Mekhak Apresyan.

He also informed that in carrying out these social packages the Economy Ministry is collaborating with the tour operators which meet the specified requirements and have applied for collaboration with the Ministry. 

And the Ministry’s official website ( has a page where information on the collaborating tour operators and their offers are posted.

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