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Iranian citizen sustains spinal fracture on Armenia’s regional motorway

13:30, 11.07.2012 Region: Armenia, Iran Theme: Society, Incidents

YEREVAN. – Sisian Precinct of Armenia’s Police received a call, on Tuesday at 7:50pm, informing that a 26-year-old Iranian citizen was transferred to hospital with a spinal injury. 

He informed that he sustained the injury on the Meghri-Yerevan Highway, and as a result of being hit by an unidentified vehicle, the Police press service informs.  

But at Sisian Police Investigation Department, he stated that while heading to capital city Yerevan on a bicycle, on the same day at around 4pm, he attempted to hold on to the attachment of an automobile which was traveling in the same direction, but he lost control of his bicycle and fell.      

An investigation is underway.

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