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Armenian “Anoush” opera debuts in London

Armenian “Anoush” opera debuts in LondonJuly 11, 2012 | 12:35

Composer Armen Tigranian “Anoush” folk opera was staged for the first time in the UK on July 6. The play, which was staged at London’s The Tabernacle theater, was presented by the London Armenian Opera.   

The Armenian opera featured Royal Academy of Music’s Teresa Gevorkian (Anoush) as well as Vahe Begoyan (Saro), Aris Nadirian (Mossi), and Anais Heghoyan (Mother).

The play, which was a huge success, was watched by representatives from Armenian community organizations and a great number of Brits.

The London Armenian Opera is headed by Aris Nadirian.

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