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Armenian opposition bloc does not rule out PAP to be insincere

Armenian opposition bloc does not rule out PAP to be insincereJuly 28, 2012 | 23:27

YEREVAN. – The opposition in Armenia is not united, opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) MP Lyudmila Sargsyan told Armenian

“There are many issues hampering the unity of opposition in Armenia, including various approaches to some issues, ideological differences, and ambitions. The process of overcoming those obstacles has not yet started. It may be in September or October prior to the Presidential elections,” Sargsyan said.

In response to the agency’s request to comment on the relation between the ANC and the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), and the latter’s half-opposition image, which many believe to be more sincere, Sargsyan said that in relation to any political power, there is always concern that it may be behind a mask. This refers to all. And if one power does not make part of the Government, it means it is an opposition.

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