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Armenian PM instructs Health Ministry to combat shadow economy

Armenian PM instructs Health Ministry to combat shadow economyAugust 25, 2012 | 15:34

YEREVAN. – Armenia’s Premier Tigran Sargsyan chaired a consultation meeting devoted to the country’s healthcare sector. 

“We need to understand as to why the economic growth in this sector reduced by 4.4 percent, as compared with the same time period last year, even though we took very serious measures in the healthcare sector. I believe there is one explanation here: shadow [economy] has grown,” PM Sargsyan specifically noted, the Government press service informs.

The PM instructed Health Minister Derenik Dumanyan to launch a monitoring system within his ministry, and to demand respective monthly reports from Armenia’s 466 medical facilities.   

In his turn, State Revenue Committee Chairman Gagik Khachatryan proposed to carry out, jointly with the Health Ministry, precise programs to combat shadow economy. 

Also, the PM stressed that the results of inspections at the medical facilities will be finalized in September, and he called upon the Health Minister to implement urgent personnel changes in case of facing any obstacles.

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