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Nun exiled for excessive Facebook use

Nun exiled for excessive Facebook useFebruary 21, 2011 | 15:57

Spanish nun was expelled from the Dominican Order, in which she lived the last thirty five years, because she spent too much time on Facebook.

Maria Jesus Galan, 54, was nicknamed “Sister Internet” by the other nuns. She had nearly 600 friends on Facebook at the time of her “exile”.

Maria Galan, who now lives in her mother’s house, said she is ready to open a new chapter in his life, reports The Daily Telegraph. She said that wants to visit London and New York. In the monastery she could not even dream about such things, posted the nun her on Facebook wall.

This is not the first time when the Internet poses challenges to the religious authorities in Toledo. Last year, the parish priest was dismissed from his post when it was revealed that he used the Internet to advertise sexual services, writes Vesti.


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