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“War” for Yerevan launched in Google Maps

“War” for Yerevan launched in Google MapsMarch 05, 2011 | 18:08

Azerbaijanis are trying to change the name of Armenia’s capital in Google Maps service replacing Yerevan by Erivan.

They managed to change it about two weeks ago when a Turkish variant (Erivan) appeared instead of the real name of Armenia’s capital, Yerevan.

Vardan Grigoryan, moderator of the Armenian Google Technology User Group, said “map struggle” has long history. Azerbaijanis managed to change the real name for several times, as each Google user is allowed to send a request to moderators to make certain changes in geographic names.  The request has to be confirmed by a chief moderator. Confirmation of the right variant sent by huge number of users would contribute to making decision by moderators. This can be done, for instance, via social networking websites.

“Azerbaijani map-makers write Erivan, while Armenians delete it replacing by real name (Yerevan),” he told the Armenian News-NEWS.am Innovation correspondent.

Grigoryan stressed requests to delete wrong information had been already sent to the Google moderators. Once they are confirmed, the right variant will be written.

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