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French Senate’s decision to rise wave of Armenian Genocide recognition-Russian expert

French Senate’s decision to rise wave of Armenian Genocide recognition-Russian expertJanuary 25, 2012 | 15:44

MOSCOW. – French Senate’s decision is really historical, director of the Institute of Political and Social Researches of the Black Sea and Caspian Region Vladimir Zakharov said during a Yerevan-Moscow space bridge on Wednesday.

“Now it is impossible to say that the Armenian Genocide did not occur, as Turkey and Azerbaijan used to claim,” the expert said adding that the adoption of the bill by such an influential state would inevitably rise a wave of recognition of the Armenian Genocide. He recollected the Holocaust Museum head’s words that the Holocaust was a repetition of the Armenian Genocide.

“I do not doubt that other states will also take certain moves. However, time is needed,” he said. 

In his turn, another Russian political analyst Andrey Areshev speaking on emotional reaction of Turkey towards French MPs, said the situation will become stable in a while, taken into account that it is not the first case in the history of French-Turkish relation.

According to him, the current ‘Turkey’s measures against France’ is a declaration intended for domestic policy. If Turkey really wishes to set up normal relations with its neighbors, it should show more balanced approach and review its own history. Besides, such processes are already running in Turkey, the expert stated.

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