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Serbia has strong football team - Armenian football player interview

17:01, 14.02.2012 Region: Iran

Defender of Armenia’s national football team Valeri Aleksanyan, 27, is one of the top players in the Iranian Sanat Naft. Sanat Naft holds the 12th position of the Iranian championship. The reporter of Armenian took an interview from Valeri Aleksanyan.

What news do you have concerning your football life?

There are no significant changes. We are training for the upcoming matches.

Are there any offers from other clubs?

Before New Year I received offers from clubs in Slovakia and Kazakhstan but I refused, as I have a contract with Sanat Naft.

In what country would you like to play?

I don’t think about it, as currently I need practice and I am getting practice in Sanat Naft.

Armenia’s national team is going to have friendly matches against the national teams of Serbia and Canada. Have you been invited and what would you say about the opponents?

I have been invited and I impatiently wait for the matches. I am not familiar with the abilities of the Canadian national team but the Serbian team is strong and may show resistance against any team.

You have played in the Armenian Championship for many years and now you are in Iran. Is there a great difference between the two championships?

Unlike the Armenian Premier League, in Iran there are 18 clubs playing. As a result the competitiveness rises and the matches are conducted on a higher level. The technique of Iranian clubs is not that strong.

What goals does the Sanat Naft have?

The main goal is to maintain the 9th position.

How do you spend your free time?

After trainings I am trying to relax, if my son allows. There are not any entertainment centers in Iran so we, Armenians, try to entertain ourselves.

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