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Dutch MP meets with local Armenian community

11:51, 07.03.2012 Region: World News, Armenia, Karabakh, Diaspora Theme: Politics, Society

The Armenian community of The Hague on Monday met with the Netherlands’ Christian Union (SU) party MP Esmé Wiegman, who visited Armenia and Karabakh along the lines of the party’s “Come and Help” program.

Armenia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Dzyunik Aghajanyan, thanked Wiegman for visiting Armenia and carrying out a beneficial activity, and she expressed a hope that such visits would contribute to expanding Armenian-Dutch ties.   

Afterward, and with the help of photographs, the Dutch MP shared her impressions of her visit to Armenia and Karabakh. 

And in response to the question as to whether she was subjected to Azerbaijani pressures and included in Azerbaijan’s “black list” for visiting Karabakh, Esmé Wiegman said she is adamant in that regard and not accountable to anyone. She informed that her websites received numerous hate mails from Turks and Azerbaijanis. “I do not understand why they have so much hatred,” she said and added: “I am the mother of many children. I am raising my three boys. I definitely will encourage them to visit Armenia.”

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