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IMF reduces economic growth forecast for Armenia

19:20, 27.03.2012

Economic growth in Armenia will be lower than the expected 3.8%...

US dollar up in Armenia

18:20, 27.03.2012

In the exchange offices the rate reached AMD 389.5/$1…

Armenian Government discusses improvements of business environment

17:50, 27.03.2012

Armenia is the one to have realized such wide-ranging reforms…

IMF Resident Representative in Armenia keeps his promise

17:19, 27.03.2012

He spoke Armenian during the press conference…

European Investment Bank to deepen cooperation with Armenia

16:48, 27.03.2012

The National Security Council Secretary received the EIB delegation…

Estonian official surprised by male hairdressers in Yerevan

14:43, 27.03.2012

And they give a receipt, too…

Armenian MFA building is not sold – State Property Management Department

14:25, 27.03.2012

It was noted that the building was purchased, for US$ 400 million, by a foreign company engaged in hotel business…

Armenia underscores encouragement, promotion of IFC-assisted private enterprise

13:22, 27.03.2012

The PM received International Finance Corporation official…

What is main challenge of Armenia’s pension reforms?

12:46, 27.03.2012

They can be successful if there is a necessary level of trust and a financially educated beneficiary…

IFC allocates $10 million loan to Byblos Bank Armenia

12:41, 27.03.2012

To help it expand mortgage lending and offer residential energy-efficiency financing...

Pension reform in Armenia may present risks

01:05, 27.03.2012

Pension funds and their managers will be properly monitored…

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