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Shampoo ad featuring Hitler canceled in Turkey

14:49, 27.03.2012

The decision was made taking into account the dissatisfaction of the Jewish community...

Medvedev, Erdogan meet in Seoul

13:28, 27.03.2012

Their meeting continued without the presence of the media…

Turkey secretly recalled ambassador from Syria

12:59, 27.03.2012

The archive of the Turkish Embassy in Syria transferred to Turkey too...

Turkey wants to be global power - expert

12:05, 27.03.2012

Turkey should not be simply a cultural bridge in the region, but also a global power...

Turkey tries to shift OSCE Minsk Group format and have role in Karabakh process

11:46, 27.03.2012

Azerbaijan’s radical position and anti-Armenian statements by the authorities are conditioned by Turkey’s support…

Expert does not consider France will withdraw OSCE Minsk Group - newspaper

10:53, 27.03.2012

EU has an inner battle, where France and Germany desire to have a decisive role in important processes…

Turkish brothers, who caused Armenian girl to commit suicide, are arrested

10:41, 27.03.2012

Baris tried to persuade Narine to live together by blackmailing her with her naked pictures…

Assad supporters eliminate opposition (VIDEO)

03:20, 27.03.2012

The body guards who were in the cars managed to kill the attackers…

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